°300g 500g pasta
+To preparing tomato cherry sauce:
°600g tomato cherries
°1 liter 4 tsp
°High quality olive oil up to 100 ml
°2 cloves garlic
°Salt of 1⁄2
°1⁄2 tsp fresh black pepper
° 1 tsp optional sugar
°Few fresh basil leaves or the like
+ For Service:
°Grated Parmesan cheese optional
* Methods :
Cooking pasta:
Boilling amount of salted water & cooking spaghetti according to packaging instructions. Save 1 c (250ml) of pasta water (you can’t using all the water, but the better!) Everything else. Preparing cherry tomato sauce: heat olive oil in  saucepan  If you want to reduce acidity of tomatoes, you can adding cherry tomatoes, chop garlic, salt, pepper & sugar. min, stirring occasionally, to tomatoes are cooked from all sides, & after about five mn, some tomatoes will begin to explode. Squeeze tomatoes with fork to a little puree to allow juice to drain.
Removing from heat & add basil.
Placing pasta in the pot, stir in pasta and sauce, and, if necessary, adding some water from specific cooking water to condense sauce. Apply to assemble, serve: divide the cherry tomato pasta into 4 bowls and sprinkle with grated Parmesan cheese.