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[Look] 30 Genius Health Hacks Every Girl Should Know!!

Ladies, you don’t need us to tell you that finding the motivation to always eat regularly and clean hit the gym is hard work. While we’re not advocating always talking the easy route, there are times when health-related life hacks come in handy. You know, we will share with you this small tips and tricks that don’t require much effort but that make staying healthy and fit a breeze, and that can help you make your life better, more balanced and possibly even longer.

We’ve collected thirty genius healthy life hacks to assist keep you wanting and feeling superbwhile not that abundant commitment.

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30. Cover a blister with duct tape.
When you feel the symptoms of associate imminent blister, apply adhesive tape over the irritated spot as swimmingly as attainable, taking care to avoid creases. It cushions the blister and won’t peel off—lots of power-walkers and runners swear by this methodology once Band-Aids aren’t cutting it.

29. Portion out your not-so-healthy treats.
If you usually end up furiously desire snacks like chips, pretzels, gummi bears, or M&Ms, portion servings out into baggies thus you don’t devour the full package once those-inevitable sweet cravings arise.(And keep one baggie in your table drawer at work to combat the occasional four p.m. craving.)

Rainbow Jelly Bear Candy

28.  Add weight while blow drying.
A life hack every girl can try: Add wrist weights to your arms before you start blow drying your hair, or using other hot tools. Depending on your hair length and thickness, it might take over twenty minutes to utterly dry. By adding weight on your arms, you’ll be difficult your muscles as you vogue together with your (probably heavy) drier and a brush.

27. Yell “F*CK!” to heal pain. 
Letting expletives fly isn’t simply some way to address pain, it might scale back it. Researchers found that study subjects UN agency were allowed to curse and swear had the next pain tolerance, less perceived pain, and lower vital sign. Best life hack ever.

26. Make your playlists as long as each workout.
Do this, and you won’t be glancing at the time the whole way through. You stop when the music stops.

25. Bring the dog!

 If you’re looking for extra workout motivation, bring your dog with you for an outdoor walk or run. Pups need exercise too.

Going for a run or walk? Bring the dog!

> What are diabetes symptoms?

24. Drink a glass of lukewarm water with lemon (and cayenne pepper, if you dare) first thing every morning.
This morning drink gets your organs going, and fresh lemon juice and cayenne pepper both have major anti-fungal, immune boosting, and detoxification properties. Plus, lemon juice is nature’s best tool for aiding in digestion and regularity, destroying bacteria and cleansing the system. Basically, this is the zero-sugar version of the spicy lemon drinks you can buy from various cleanse brands.

23. Deskcersize
Sitting all day can be a real detriment to your health, so it pays to sneak in some exercise at work. Here’s how to strengthen your abs and relieve tired leg muscles without getting up from your desk: Start with feet flat on floor, sit tall at your desk, and hold ab muscles tight. From there, extend one leg until it is level with your hip. Hold for 10 seconds lower leg slowly, and repeat 15 times before changing legs.

22. Can’t sleep? Blame your cell phone. 
According ot the Daily Mail, staring at your mobile’s screen at bedtime causes people to take longer to reach the deeper stages of sleep and to spend less time in them. Bad news, as deep sleep is essential for your body to rejuvenate cells and repair damage suffered during the day. Seriously, Instagram can wait until morning.

21. Graffiti a water bottle To ensure you’re drinking water all day, use a Sharpie to mark up a water bottle with on-ehour intervals. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial to check out!

20.Practice the 2/30 rule … 
While we love vegging out in front of the tube as much as the next girl, it could cause of serious problems. According to Reader’s Digest, a large-scale study of over 9000 people found that those who watched more than two hours of TV a day ate more, while downing more sugary sodas and high-fat, high-cal, processed snack foods than those who watched less. Try following the 2/30 rule: limit TV to two hours a day, and be sure to get in 30 minutes of exercise.

19. … And the 20/20/20 rule.
If you stare at a computer all day with no breaks, try the 20/20/20 rule, which doctors say reduces eye strain and redness: Take 20 seconds to look at something 20 feet away every 20 minutes.

18. Work out too hard? Chow down on ginger.
If you pushed yourself too much at the gym, try eating ginger, which can be added to stir-fries, juices, smoothies, or tea. Researchers at the University of Georgia found that consuming 2 grams of raw or heat-treated ginger per day can reduce post-workout muscle soreness by 25 percent. Why? Ginger contains anti-inflammatory compounds and oils called gingerols that have shown painkilling and sedative effects in animal studies, according to Men’s Health. 

> What are diabetes symptoms?

17. Talk it out to build muscle.
Verbal encouragement can increase the amount of weight you can lift, so pump iron with a supportive friend or work with a trainer.

16. Eat before you eat.
If you know you’re going to a party, a buffet, or a big dinner and don’t want to totally bust your diet, eat one to two cups of raw veggies beforehand to give your stomach a bit of a head start.

15. Track your meals with a printable (or digital) food journal.
Studies have shown logging what you eat is an effective method for weight loss and management.

14. Bag and freeze smoothie ingredients before you want the smoothie.
This way, when you’re craving something sweet, you can toss the ingredients in the blender and drink up—no pre-chopping required.

13. Sleep in a cold room to boost metabolism.
Who knew sleeping in a cool bedroom may to increase your percentages of brown fat — a type of fat that acts more like muscle, helping to burn other fat and increasing metabolic rate — according to a 2014 study conducted by tthe National Institutes of Health. Read all about it here!

12. Book classes in advance.
Booking pilates, yoga, spin, or other one-off classes in advance will always force you to go—otherwise, you get charged, since most require a credit card.

11. Need a boost? Take a shot of liquid chlorophyll.
Chlorophyll is the dark green pigment found in plants, but it also has amazing benefits for humans. It has a similar molecular structure to hemoglobin (the substance that’s responsible for transporting oxygen around the body), and just one tablespoon a day can boost red blood cells, improve oxygen, increase energy, help body odor, protect from cancer, help regulate bowel movements, and increase  magnesium, vitamins, folic acid, iron, calcium and protein. Oh, and it’s avaialble in all health foods stores, and some supermarkets.

10.Smell an orange.
Several studies have found that the scent of oranges can reduce stress, improve mood, and make you feel way more awake. Try eating a fresh orange for breakfast every morning (and inhaling its scent), or dab some orange oil on your wrists a few times a week.

9. Use YouTube.
Never use your gym membership? You’re wasting money! Cancel it immediately and get into the healthy habit of working out at home using the many free fitness (and highly effective) tutorials available on YouTube. Seriously, you can find instructional videos on everything from ab workouts to Zumba.

8. Google “how to make your own cleaning supplies.”
Seriously, do it now. It’ll not only save you money, but it’ll cut your exposure to chemicals—win-win!

7. Scour Pinterest.
For healthy recipes and workout tips, and create various boards to keep them all in one place.

6. Exercise with Popsicle sticks.
Write do-it-at-home workout moves on popsicle sticks and each time you feel the urge to move (while you’re watching TV, perhaps?) grab one.

5. Shop on a full stomach.
Never go grocery shopping when you’re super-hungry. Why? Because everything looks good, so you’ll undoubtedly start throwing in items you normally might not buy (read: junk food.)

4. Use your commute to relax
Commuting doesn’t have to be stressful: If you take public transportation, download a meditation track or app, close your eyes, and focus on breathing.

3. Plan ahead.
Lay out every single thing you want to wear to the gym in the morning the night before where you can see it, from socks to sports bra—this will cut time in the morning, and give you a little extra motivation.

 2. Pay yourself every time you exercise.
Leave $1 in a jar each time you workout and you’ll end up looking and feeling great—and having money to splurge on something fun.

1. Use weight-loss apps
There are so many apps that can help you count calories, lose weight, and keep track of what you’re eating. Here are a few to get you started!