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Frying steak: You should avoid these 7 mistakes

You bought a good steak from a butcher and it got too dry when you roasted? Too bad – that won’t happen to you again!

From the wrong pan to the slicing without a rest phase – so that your steak remains tender and juicy when roasting, you should avoid these 7 mistakes.

Mistake 1: The wrong pan

A well-fried steak has a really crisp crust – everyone agrees. You need a lot of heat to create them . Therefore, do not use non-stick pans for your steak . These are more suitable for lower temperatures, such as for  cooking salmon.

So to give your meat a proper crust and roasted aromas, fry it in an uncoated cast iron or stainless steel pan .

Mistake 2: The wrong fat

The best way to fry steak is at high temperatures. Therefore, do not use fats with a very low smoke point  such as olive oil or butter – they start to burn at 170 ° C.

In order for the frying fat to withstand the necessary heat, it must have a high smoke point . Rapeseed, peanut and sunflower oil , which can be heated up to 230 ° C, are particularly suitable .

Tip: Instead of pouring the fat directly into the pan, rub your steak all around with 1 tablespoon of oil before frying . So the fat ends up exactly where you need it for frying.