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The “eternal needle” as Therapy for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s are among the “common diseases”, in the USA alone millions of people are ill. The diseases are not only a stroke of fate for the patients themselves, but also affect the lives of relatives. These have to watch as a loved one increasingly loses his independence and personality. But in Spain there is a therapy that makes hope.

The  specialists of the Center for Neuro-regenerative medicine in Valencia have made it their heart’s job to slow the progression of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. So they can  give patients a piece of quality of life again . They rely on the gentle procedure of the “eternal needle” – an implant in the ear.

The  Center for Neuro-Regenerative Medicine  pursues a holistic approach to therapy . This means that you not only receive the unique therapy of the “eternal needle”, but also:

  • detailed treatment talks
  • The insertion of the ear implant
  • Treatment of comorbidities, such as pain and depression
  • Follow-up (n)
  • nutrition counseling
  • Lifestyle counseling

Of course, the team will also help you with individual travel planning and preparation, so that you can  get into modern practice without stress  . The new practice rooms are located in the street  Calle de la Floresta 18  in the city of Valencia, Spain, very close to the sea.

Competent help with travel planning

Do not worry, a trip abroad to Valencia is hardly associated with any effort, because the specialist staff ensures a detailed travel preparation ! Take care of your health and combine this with a short break by the sea.

The team is looking for you:

  • cheapest flight
  • Suitable hotel near sea and practice, for two nights
  • English speaking taxi driver

Success report of an Alzheimer’s patient

Many patients have already been successfully treated. So also Mr. Käss , who traveled in 2017 extra from Mexico (his adopted home) to Valencia. Three years earlier, he had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and was continuously losing mental fitness . This went so far that he suddenly missed the words and he could barely express himself. He also found cooking, his passion, very difficult. Gradually, he lost his zest for life.

Then Mr. Käss and his wife came across the Internet to the Center for Neuro-Regenerative Medicine . Although they were initially skeptical about the method, but they had nothing more to lose. And so the couple flew to Valencia.

The trip was a complete success for Mr. Käss, because the treatment immediately struck : The same evening he felt well again and felt how lost memories returned . Now he can master his everyday life independently despite Alzheimer’s and has regained his zest for life. His wife is also delighted: Mr. Käss can now listen again with interest and actively participate in discussions.