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6 Hairstyles That Make You Look Much Younger

One of the banes of our existence is getting older. When we’re little, we look forward to growing up, and then it seems like everyone hits a wall when they’re in their twenties. Suddenly, everything is about looking younger!

Hairstyles are something that we don’t often think of. Not only does how you style your hair make a big difference on how you look, you’re actually hair also plays a role in it. That’s why we’ve gathered up this list of 12 hairstyles that will make you look a lot younger than you are!

1. Soft Bangs

Bangs might have been out of fashion when you were younger, but they’re a timeless hair “accessory” that can look great if you know how to wear it. Different kinds suit different faces, but soft bangs are great because they don’t look too harsh. Another plus point for bangs is that they cover any fine lines or wrinkles that have formed on your forehead

Soft Bangs

2. The Low Curl

Super straight hair may look cool, but on older women, it can tend to look very tough. To remedy this, you can add a little bit of softness by adding a few curls to the lower half of his hair. This technique can work for both long and short hair too!

3. The Sleek Bob

While cutting Bob is generally associated with older women, you can make this fashionable hair styling look much smaller by adding some smoothness to it. This hair styling has your longest length (at least the neck length) in the front, the shorter the back. It looks cool, and easy to manage too!

4. The Wavy Bob

There is another way to refresh the classic bob through some added ripple to it. This hair styling is guaranteed to make you look younger because of Linh, the vibe effort he gives kisses. Bob crispy makes you look like you’ve just woke up looking amazing.

5. Long Wavy Hair

Long wavy hair is another timeless classic that looks good on women of all ages. The softness instantly gives a healthy and youthful look. Unlike straight hair, the middle part looks great when it comes to corrugated hair. Of course, it looks good with the side part too. This is one of the most versatile hairstyles around. Keep it looking soft and polished, but not too shiny.

6. The Pixie Cut

Another short hair styling that is not looking out of style anytime soon is messed up. This short layoffs super trust cries, and there is nothing that exudes youth and sex of confidence. It’s also great for those who do not care much about spending loads of time styling their hair every morning. Pair with some swept side bangs and you’ll look younger instantly!